During the summer of 2010, I was lucky enough to gain a 4 week work placement with a very big and successful advertising agency. It was a great experience and got involved with a lot of the major briefs with their clients. Here are a few logo ideas I was asked to come up with for a smaller organisation, I created the designs on Illustrator. The brief was set, I had to create a logo for a reunion organisation. It is predominantly for the ‘lads on tour’ kind of thing, when speaking to guy in charge he mentioned to try to get some humour in or some perhaps ‘phalic’ imagery…typical ladish joke elements. It would represent what the reunion is about, they fly out to South Africa and have a road trip for a week, playing golf along the way and drinking! Typical boys activities when away on holiday, so I incorporated some of this in my ideas. The final idea was chosen and the people involved were very happy with the results.